About the printer 1530-201-c-1

These are some notes about the Xerox Altalink C8055 printer at MATH, known as 1530-201-c-1.


The driver provided for users from the printserver (\\prt11.uni.au.dk\) seems to work just fine.

Caveat: If you need to print a booklet, you'll need to be a bit more careful!

  1. DO NOT USE THE BOOKLET IN ADOBE READER/ACROBAT. It cannot fold and staple.
  2. Do a normal print in Adobe Reader/Acrobat, then choose Printer Properties
  3. Here you can choose Booklet Creation as a finishing option. This does the right job (using Booklet fold and staple).

Note if you choose Booklet in AR/A and in the printer properties, you'll end up with A6 on folded A4 instead of A5 on folded A4.

Do not use this option:



General for Mac and Linux

Contrary to normal advise at AU, we DO NOT recommend installing the drivers for Xerox Altalink C8055 directly from the manufacturer. Xerox have chosen to write their own printer installation tools that are not compatible with our network. Additionally the drivers include filters that ends up printing using a custom CLI tool that is not compatible with the way we print at AU (we print using the SMB protocol for Windows, Mac and Linux).

We have digged our a useable driver from with in a Xerox Windows tool. Due to copyright we cannot post it online (and AU does currently not have any good places to host this for our uses), you'll need to email Lars Madsen (daleif@math.au.dk) if you want to use the driver.

The file will be a PPD.GZ. It is usable directly on Mac, and needs to be unpacked on Linux (via gunzip).



We need to place the driver in the correct location as Super User. For example using

sudo cp file.ppd.gz /Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/

Next, restart AU Utility (the AU Icon in your top bar you normally use the install AU printers).

Install the printer (1530-201-c-1) via AU Utility. When asked for a driver, choose the one for Xerox Altalink C8055 (due to a misconfiguration, 1530-201-c-1 reports the wrong model, and thus AU Utility cannot suggest the correct driver).


TIP: Printing bookets using Adobe Reader/Acrobat

Contrary to on Windows, on Mac we need to use Booklet setup in AR/A plus Booklet Fold and Staple (not just Booklet Fold and Staple).

This is probably because we are using a driver that does not use the Xerox filters.

Next, choose "Printer..." at the bottom,

Go to "Feature sets: Finishing Options" and choose "Booklet Fold and Staple".



On Ubuntu, do the normal installation procedure explained on https://medarbejdere.au.dk/en/administration/it/print/, specify the (unpacked) PPD file when asked for it.

Booklets from Linux

Currently we have no good solution to make booklets from Linux, especially since Adobe Reader/Acrobat is no longer provided for Linux