SAS download at MATH-AU has been discontinued

  • At MATH-AU we no longer use standard SAS in any courses [1].
  • MATH-AU therefore no longer provide SAS (the programme) or licenses for SAS for download. This include all versions for Linux, virtual Linux and older SAS versions for Windows.
  • For SAS 9.4 for Windows: Any student or employee at AU can download SAS the programme or a license for SAS via
  • If you are a student or employee at AU and you need one of these old SAS versions for Windows, SAS for Linux or a license to an older SAS version please contact AU-IT.

    – more specifically, write to with an attn: Antonio Sylvester in the message body.

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[1] The single course that still make use of SAS, use SAS on demand, aka a cloud based SAS.