For LaTeX-brugere


For installation on your own computer, see the page about Distributions for the favious operating systems.

We recommend TeX Live for all systems. For Mac we recommend MacTeX which is TeX Live packaged specifically for Mac OS.


I provide almost full support in LaTeX related questions for all of MATHs employees and students. Others are also welcome.

Note my LaTeX book (in Danish). There you'll find solutions for the most common problems.

PhD students

Whenever possible I can always help with the layout of PhD dissertations.

I generally do not recommend the use of templates (they are often poorly documented, or excessive). Normally I recommend using the memoir class (disclamer: I maintain it) and go from there. Memoir often makes it a lot easier to implement layout wishes.

Bachelors and masters students

RIght now, I do not have the time to do detailed walk throughs of bachelor or masters assignments. You are though, of course, always welcome to come as ask about concrete problems.

Help online