AU fonts for LaTeX

Here we provide a repacking, file renaming of the AU font set, see, for the use with LaTeX.

This includes full support of the AULogo font and AUPeto. The support is only provided for pdflatex, XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX.

The fonts are free to use, but you are not allowed to redistribute the font from anything but an AU controlled website.

We do remind users that there are rules as to the usage of the AU Seal, see, in short you are not allowed to use the AU Seal on its own, when used it need to be combined with the AU logo somehow. 

Information and installation guide are found in the manual below.

The files

  • audkfonts.pdf – manual and installation guide (included in the ZIPs)
  • – just the manual, the packages and the fonts.
    – Useful for fast use with XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX on local PC or on OverLeaf.
    – Cannot be used with pdflatex as it need more support.
  • – full setup including support for pdflatex
    – Use on local PC, on Overleaf use the LuaLaTeX setup instead. The TDS version is hard to use on OverLeaf
  • – ZIP containing the manual and the two ZIPs above