Local help

Most issues are handled by the local helpdesk

Department problem solver and tool maker

  • LaTeX support
  • Publishing
  • Printers, paper, toner
  • General problem solving before handing it on to the IT department

Requesting help

In order to get help you can Email/Phone Lars Madsen or Email/Phone the AUIT ST helpdesk (both within normal working hours). Lars may ask you to contact the helpdesk instead if he cannot help.

Note: If you are working from home, and you contact the helpdesk, please inform the helpdesk as to how the supporters can contact you.

Asking good questions

In order to provide the best help, it is a good idea if you are quite specific when you ask questions. That is consider specifying:

  • What are you doing?
  • What happened and what did you expect to happen?
  • Remember we usually do not know what you mean if you ask: "Is the system down?" What system?
  • All in all, the more details you provide, the better/more specific help we provide.