Interne mailinglister

MATH has several mailing lists for internal use. Some can be used (sent to) by everyone, others may be limited to certain users.

You can only send to the aliases described below from Outlook or Outlook webmail.

Tip: If you want to send to #SomeName in, say, the webmail, press To to get to the search interrface and then make your search in Global Offline Address List (#SomeName aliases might not turn up when searching in other places). Press + to choose and close the interface to return to your email.


As of 2023 we have the following list aliases

  • #MATH permanent (new 2023)
    – all permanent scientific staff, including part-time lecturers (da: eksterne lektorer) (Admin: Lars)
  • #MATH postdoc (new 2023)
    – all temporary scientific staff. Primarily but not limited to postdocs. (Admin: Lars)
  • #MATH emeriti (new 2023)
    – all of our emeriti (Admin: Lars)
  • #MATH other (new 2023, not implemented yet)
    – this will hold a list of lecturers of courses under MATH (or Data Science) who aren't employeed at MATH. The list will be updated at least twice a year and will include course lecturers up to 18 months before and after the month the data are being produced. The primary targerts are non-MATH lecturers in math-econ and data science. (Admin: Lars)
  • #MATH VIP  = #MATH permanent + #MATH postdoc (will be changed in the last week of March 2023)
    – (Admin: Lars)
    – the technical administrative personel (Admin: Lars)
  • #MATH Alle = #MATH VIP + #MATH TAP
    – note that it does not include #MATH emeriti or #MATH other! (Admin: Lars)
  • #MATH PhD
    – this is an alias for a closed mailinglist for our PhD students. Only the members of the list can write to the list. Everyone else will have to pass moderation. Note taht if you are a member of the list, you need to send emails from the email address that is known by the list. The list is extended through out the year and is cleared out each year in January in order to remove the PhDs that defended their dissertation the year before. (Admins: Lars and Randi)
  • #MATH mathgrp
    outlook alias for the mailmanliste for MATH group. Automatically sync'ed with the group data.
  • #MATH stochgrp
    – outlook alias for the mailmanliste for the STOCH group. Automatically sync'ed with the group data.

Note: Earlier #CSS VIP (see below) was included when emailing via #MATH VIP. This is no longer the case, all scientific staff under CSS are now explicitly part of the relevant #MATH lists.

Outlook/webmail — CSS

Science studies have their own internal outlook lists. They are all administrated by Randi.

  • #CSS VIP
    – sci staff
  • #CSS TAP
    – technical administrative personel
  • #CSS PhD
    PhD students
  • #CSS alle = #CSS VIP + #CSS TAP + #CSS PhD

Send emails to the students

This can be done by certain people in BrightSpace. A description will be available later