Version control

It is generally a good idea to use some sort of version control for your projects, articles etc. This way you'll have a (versioned) backup of your important stuff. All saved edits will be available. But most importantly the copy/backup is outside your specific control, thus you'll never loose your data and backup just because you forgot your bag on the train.

AU offers two version control systems that are private and hosted at AU:

    — similar to GitHub but local to AU.
    — the much older Subversion system. Note that the svn page will generate a separate password for you to use with subversion (this is for security as AU cannot control how your subversion client saves the password, it might be unsecurely saved in plain text, and thus should not be the same as your overall AU password).

GIT is very popular, though is probably mainly seen as a cooperational tool rather than classic version control. But can easily be used with both.