Global propagator for the massless Dirac operator and spectral asymptotics

Matteo Capoferri (University College London)
Mathematics seminar
Torsdag, 28 maj, 2020, at 12:00-13:00, Zoom (contact Jacob Schach Møller for details)
We construct the propagator of the massless Dirac operator W on a closed Riemannian  3-manifold as the sum of two invariantly defined oscillatory integrals, global in space and in  time, with distinguished complex-valued phase functions. The two oscillatory integrals – the  positive and the negative propagators – correspond to positive and negative eigenvalues of  W, respectively. This enables us to provide a global invariant definition of the full symbols of  the propagators (scalar matrix-functions on the cotangent bundle), a closed formula for the  principal symbols and an algorithm for the explicit calculation of all their homogeneous  components. Furthermore, we obtain small time expansions for principal and subprincipal  symbols of the propagators in terms of geometric invariants. Lastly, we use our results to  compute the third local Weyl coefficients in the asymptotic expansion of the eigenvalue  counting functions of W.


This talk is part of series of talks affiliated with the virtual Mittag-Leffler workshop "Scattering, microlocal analysis and renormalization", organized by Claudio Dappiaggi, Jacob Schach Møller and Michal Wrochna. The full schedule can be found at:

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